La Paz – Bolivian cookery classes, weird weather, altitude sickness and bowler hatted women. 🇧🇴

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Cracking headaches, nosebleeds, nausea and constant dizziness – no it’s not love – it’s altitude sickness🤢. La Paz is the highest city in the world so we took a ride in one of the new cable cars – soaring over the tightly packed houses to the very top of the city. They have only been in place for 3 years and cost USD $250m but have cut the average commute from 1 hr to 10 mins! We walked quickly round the witches market with displays of llama foetuses! The women wear incredible traditional outfits – brightly coloured full skirts, bowler hats and 2 long plaits. Booked on a Bolivian cookery class, we met our teacher and other students at the beautiful Cathedral San Francisco and staggered up 8 flights of stairs to the rooftop kitchen. Danielle showed us how to make 2 traditional dishes – there are approx 4000 types of potato and 1500 types of corn in Bolivia!! Whilst our dishes were cooking we ate a traditional Api and as the oldest person there, Amanda had to initiate the ceremony! We ate dried potatoes, Oca roots and pasta with an Aji (dried chillies) salsa and then tried Singali, Bolivian Gin, a drink called Killa – a delicious Bolivian whisky and finally Coco leaf liqueur! As we started to eat, a huge storm kicked off and the noise of the hailstones was deafening on the tin roof but as the storm abated a huge rainbow lit up the city. A fantastic and enlightening experience! We loved La Paz with all its bustle and positivity.

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