A bloody early start, steaming geysers (and geezers!), reviving hot springs, breathtaking wetlands, petrified wild cats, curious llamas and fond farewells. πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄

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The 10 bottles of wine took their toll as we headed off for sunset at 4.30am. However driving through the misty landscape and arriving at the dramatic steaming geysers seemed to revive the group although the water temp of 150 degrees and slippery surface meant we were all very cautious. The sun rising through the billowing clouds of steam was equally dramatic and beautiful. Our next stop – hot springs. Stephen, Tony and I were suffering from altitude sickness (more on this later) and didn’t don our cossies, but the rest of the group soaked in the 38 degree open pool. A final group photo and fond farewells as we dropped half the group at the Chilean border to continue their travels. The rest of us were taken to a beautiful area of wetlands with roaming llamas, a petrified wild cat and incredible rocks formations. We could have stayed the whole day but had to head back to Uyuni tired, unwashed and salty but exhilarated. Trip of a lifetime!!

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