Cusco, quechua, kinto, “arriba, abajo, el centro, salud!!!” 🇵🇪

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Arriving in Cusco made our heart rates increase for more reasons than just altitude! 100s of tourists, constant questions – “Do we want a llama keyring, a massage, an alpaca hat with Pom Poms?” No No and No! We’ve got our own pom-poms thanks! Despite this we love this mad, beautiful city that was once the capital of the Inca empire. San Pedro market is amazing, rows of women enticing you to partake of their fruit smoothies and freshly cooked daily lunches eaten at a communal counter with jugs of spicedsauces. You can buy literally anything in this market. We then opted for a bus tour of the city and outlying Inca sites on a gorgeous sunny day, including Sacsayhuaman – pronounced Sexy Woman! We experienced a Quechua coca leaf or Kinto – ceremony. Hernan a lively, full of fun Shaman blessed us with feathers, incense and bits of old llama! We also got to try a local liquor on the bus – raising our glasses and shouting “arriba, abajo, el centro, salud!”

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