Our first 100 days on the road! Apologies for self indulgent selfies!

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We have had the pleasure of staying in 35 Airbnbs, 8 booking.com properties, 4 lovely friends apartments, 20 flights (including a 16 seater plane), flown for 73 hours, 4 hire cars, 6 boat rides, 2 bike trips, 2 trains, subway trips in 2 cities, many bus journeys including overnighters, multiple taxis, ubers and collectivos (shared taxis), 1 trolley bus, 1 cable car, several ascenseurs, 2 funiculars and 3 kayaks. We have done 3 city walking tours and had some great Airbnb experiences – from chocolate making to Bolivian cookery classes. We have taken over 1,084,228 steps and walked 632km. We have visited 16 countries, eaten incredible and far too much food, tried new and mostly delicious local specialities including llama, met kind, hospitable and gorgeous people who have really made a difference to our trip. We have loved every minute and we hope you are living some of our experiences vicariously through the blog – so thanks for reading it!

5 Replies to “Our first 100 days on the road! Apologies for self indulgent selfies!”

  1. Loving all the updates —- all looks so fabulous! I keep forwarding the photos to my Tony ….. heavy hint! Can’t wait for the next set xxxxx


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