Experiencing the Transkei. πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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We did lots of research into whether we should drive from Durban to East London, reading exaggerated accounts of potholes, rocks placed in the middle of the road to stop unsuspecting drivers who are then robbed, and slow traffic due to road works. I did have a weird dream about being stopped by an impala who wanted my 360 camera – but all of this was completely unfounded!!😍 The drive from Durban to Mthatha- Nelson Mandela’s home town, was a relaxing drive on well maintained roads – surrounded by brightly painted villages, colourful locals and some interesting uses for trucks. We listened to incongruous podcasts of Desert Island Discs – laughing out loud to Dr John Cooper Clarke! We stayed with Koleka a retired high school Head and NGO worker – who had lived in her house for 40 years bringing up 4 kids alone as her husband died young. She definitely tried to triple our daily calorie intake with her 5 course breakfast!!!

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