South African hospitality, a lightning storm and Dave Bowie’s cat! 🇿🇦

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Where to start!! We were greeted by the lovely Charmaine at her gorgeous Airbnb in Cinsta Bay, very bohemian and beachy. A 2 minute walk took us to a stunning beach with strange moon-like rock formations. On our return Charmaine brought us some local beers, let us do our washing and invited us to a local live music event that evening. Her Maine Coon cat joined us for beers on the deck with it’s one blue and one green eye! The music evening was at Tea in the Trees with lights festooned in the trees and food stalls run by the local people offering everything from garlic snails to smoked meat on the brai. The crowd gathered to watch the band, the temperature dropped as a huge lightening storm lit the sky above but we were reassured that it wouldn’t rain! When the skies opened several minutes later – everyone ran indoors – we had just been bought a round of tequila shots and so were warmed from the inside! The band moved indoors and performed incredible original pieces with the lead singer singing in English and the local Xhosa language. Words or photos can’t describe the incredible sense of community and acceptance at this place. We have been invited to another Brai this evening – but not sure our livers can take it!

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