Cuba – 2ba! Cars of course! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ί

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A small selection of the amazing cars we spotted in Havana! Some are owned and maintained by corporations that run hour long ‘tours’ costing from between $30 to $60 USD or CUC (the tourist currency pegged to the USD). Many have newer engines whilst the interior and bodywork are beautifully maintained and restored. Other cars are privately owned by families for generations and run as everyday taxis. Newer cars are also around imported in from countries not part of the renewed US embargo. Round every corner a glistening chrome beast from a 1950’s film set draws you in for a closer look against the backdrop of crumbling buildings in the old historic parts of town. Nevertheless with funding from UNESCO even these buildings are starting to be restored with amazing results. What a spectacle!


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