Guess where we are? Of all the gin joints in all the bars …. πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦ 🎹 πŸΈ

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Wanting to explore coastal Morocco further we planned a trip to ….. Casablanca! Got the efficient double decker train and wandered round the old medina getting lost. Breakfast was boiled eggs and cheese in fresh bread served with mint tea – Β£1.40 for 2 of us. So much for the diet! Tall narrow buildings with tiny doors, washed in bright colours, hidden alleys and breadshops in ancient beautifully decorated buildings kept us busy – and we walked aimlessly for hours. Tony finally guided us towards Rick’s Cafe where we drank Casablanca beer and met Taoufiq’s brother Rashid who is head chef! No we didn’t sit at the piano and say “Play it again Sam”!

We ended the day at Habous – a medina built by prisoners of the French in 1930s – the olive souk tempted us with olives in garlic, chilli, cumin – green, black, yellow even red olives of all sizes. We bought Amlou – “posh nut butter” A mix of almonds, argan oil and honey and pure carob honey – dark and heavenly! Most olives are a ridiculous 20p a kilo!!! We staggered back to the train with our goodies to see the sun set over Skhirat. Play it again Sam!

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