Tanzania- how to pronounce it?? Tan-Zaaa-nia or Tan-zaneer? ðŸ‡¹ðŸ‡¿

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The locals pronounce it Tan-zaaa-Nia! Zanzibar is much easier to say! Such a beautiful place. Our flight which had been booked for months, had been cancelled, but we hadn’t been informed. However things turned out for the best and we got to fly to Zanzibar in a 12 seater plane with fabulous views. We stayed in https://abnb.me/DWnomc5PBY a fantastic Airbnb with Yousseph and could walk to the pristine beach in 1 minute. We got the local bus to Stonetown which cost 70p for a 2 hour trip- people squeezing in with bags of coconuts, lidless containers of milk and suspicious brown paper parcels being swapped at various stops on the way. Stonetown is a fantastic mix of cultures and religions with tall narrow streets where we got lost – but the constant call of “Jambo” reassured us that everyone was friendly!

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