The end of our 13 months on the road. Older? Certainly! Wiser? I doubt it!

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A sad day and our last in Australia. Due to the spike in Covid cases in New Zealand we have made the big decision to head home. Tony’s job is still open until February and we are being extremely optimistic about returning to the land of the long white cloud. We have loved Australia more than we can ever have imagined and will miss our daily walks amongst the White Ibis, Galah, giant magpies, rosellas and even the bloody noisy cockatoos! Endless beach walks collecting endless shells (thus the extra luggage!) It really feels like the end of this adventure and I’m so close to tears I’m almost glad I’m wearing a mask – useful for mopping! Excited and desperate to see the kids, family and friends and hoping for our adventure to start again next year!

14th July 2019 – no idea what lay ahead.
14 August 2020 – Melbourne airport, too much luggage and my mask made from the shirt in the previous photo!
An empty Melbourne airport
A rainy drive to the airport and a reminder of their stage 4 lockdown
Wonthaggi – famous for its very loud midday mine whistle and huge whales jawbone.
Part of the George Bass coastal walk
Rainbow over Melbourne airport! What a send off!

5 Replies to “The end of our 13 months on the road. Older? Certainly! Wiser? I doubt it!”

  1. Well what a wonderful adventure you’ve had and I’m sure it won’t be goodbye, merely adieu. Most people would give their right arm to do what you’ve done but probably wouldn’t actually have the guts to go and do it in the first place so hats off to you both. The rewards have been mighty rich and bountiful. And when you’re old and grey, reclining in your bath chairs under your blankets you won’t be sitting there arguing about who’s turn it is to put the cat out, you’ll be reminiscing about your travels and wondering whether you can squeeze in one more trip to Oz. And what’s the betting you will?!!! Welcome home lovelies even just for a couple of months – maybe we will get to see you after all 🤩

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  2. Good morning I read your blog sitting up in bed with my cup of tea and I shed a tear that there will be no more. I feel as if I have been on the journey with you to all those wonderful places. The photos, comments and great stories will be missed. Safe journey home and we send a big hug to you both. Xxxxx


  3. What an adventure! I’m sure the future plans will work out wonderfully and you will be able to share your stories with family and friends. Hope to see you at some point in the future. Love Nic and Izzy


  4. What an amazing adventure you two have had….I really admire your courage stepping out into the unknown. Releasing your selves out of your comfort zone…Bravo! We loved hosting you in Somerset Tasmania and trust that your trip home will be safe and super quick 🙏🏼 Enjoy your beautiful family and friends, sharing your memories with and catching up on all that has gone in the past twelve months. Who knows if we will meet again? Our blessing and love we send to you. Jill, Wally and family.

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