Exactly 1 year ago we set off on our big adventure…..

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We can’t believe that we’ve been away for 12 months, or that we’ve been in the Antipodes for 6 months of that time. Our Australian visa ran out on 1 June so we applied for extensions, which have still not been confirmed. Our health insurance also ends soon and many insurance companies won’t insure us until we get our visa renewal🙄. We booked flights to New Zealand on the off chance that the Tasman bubble would open up, but it was cancelled 2 days later. Not everything however is doom and gloom – we’ve been really lucky to have been in lockdown in beautiful Sorrento, with our lovely Airbnb hosts Annie and Julian and their amazing bread and muffin making skills! We’ve been discovered family living close to us and have been really looked after by them. We have now moved to Wonthaggi after being offered a lovely bungalow by our Airbnb host, Liesbeth from January, as she is off on one of her campervan adventures. Life is good! We just wish we could start our new life in New Zealand but they say patience is a virtue! Just thought we’d post “some” of our favourite photos from the last 12 months. More to follow!

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