Lockdown walks on Sorrento’s finest beaches.

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We have been in our little Airbnb for nearly 6 weeks now and despite our long beach walks most days – the baking is taking its toll on our love handles!! Sorrento is on a beautiful peninsula of land below Melbourne, with both bay and ocean beaches. Here are some photos from our walks over the last 6 weeks. Hope you’re all staying safe and “alert”🥴

Sunset over the Airbnb!
Dramatic cliffs at Diamond Bay
If only we could skateboard!
The new surf rescue building
Tangled Tea Trees
Aptly named Splash Point
Lockdown hair!
Gorgeous walks through the Bush to the beach
We mis- timed the tides and had to paddle!
View from St Paul’s Lookout
Early settlers graves from
around 1803
The moonscape of Koonya Beach
Revegetation of native plants on the dunes
Walks with Luna
Beautiful abalone shells
Sea glass + boredom =
Wild windy day at London Bridge

4 Replies to “Lockdown walks on Sorrento’s finest beaches.”

  1. Glad you both safe, looks beautiful, photos amazing. All well here in Dubai very lucky to have a villa and we are now out on our road bikes and running and training at home. We have to keep training due to all the lock down cooking. We have been working from home now for weeks – I just spent year end in the office for 4 days which was weird as only two of us on the whole floor. Nice to have more us time, we always seemed to be rushing before. Take care xxx


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