Final leg up to the tropical landscape and weather of Cairns. 🇦🇺

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We had to return the campervan to Cairns by 22 March so didn’t have enough time to really explore the beautiful area between Mackay and Cairns, but found some little gems on the way. At the fruit and veg stall near Waterview Creek we chatted to the owners about their farm and how they give food to those who can’t afford it. As we walked up to the beautiful waterfalls of Jourama – we sat by the river to cool down and about a dozen Saw Shelled turtles popped up to say hello.

Lovely people and gorgeous organic fruit and vegetables.
Delicious papaya which cost us about 50p and a free lime.
Didn’t want to have any more trouble getting our vehicle stuck – so we walked through the ford!
Very friendly Saw shelled turtles
Cooling down by the river
More weird bugs!

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