Pre isolation travels, Hervey Bay to Clairview 🇦🇺

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I stopped the blog again as it just didn’t feel right however I’ve really enjoyed reading posts unrelated to C-19, takes my mind off things at home. So here we go…

The leggy pier at Hervey Bay
Love the patterns left behind by the crabs
The huge expanse of Clairview Beach
Sunrise from our campervan
They even print on the pie crust here in case you mistake it for a hotdog!
The tiny overgrown Milam cemetery with mostly unmarked graves.
Tiny headstone – original settler
The fantastic free art gallery at Mackay
A great exhibition of items made from items found on the local beaches
Jewellery made from
beach-combed items
Bloody mosquitos! Tony on the hunt!
Tony beating me at cards – if only I’d had a Guinness!

2 Replies to “Pre isolation travels, Hervey Bay to Clairview 🇦🇺”

  1. Fabulous to have some normality in the midst of all this craziness in our world right now. We are in full lockdown in Somerset Tas. Because Wally is unwell and apparently I’m old…we are not allowed out at all! Fortunately we have our young slaves living with us to gather a few essentials for us at times. No going to my lovely farm job where I can escape what ever presses me, I miss that a lot. Solitude in that space is so good for the soul. When I think of all the incredible loss and heart ache this virus has caused I have to give myself a good talking to for whinging about a small amount of inconvenience. I’m glad to see you two are making the most out of your time away as possible. Are you going to be able to get home when you want to? Stay safe and well. Carmane.

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