Back by popular demand – thanks to our loyal followers😆! 🇦🇺

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I’ll have to go back in time as I have been far too busy spraying Tony with insecticide and dettol – so here goes… heading to Brissie we had to get the electrics checked in the van – discovering they were dangerously wired, some lovely guys at a local garage rewired and made it safe again. We stopped at a lovely beach for coffee with pelicans and a crazy muffin stealing ibis, but heading back to our van we saw a fire engine parked behind our it!🔥💥 Fearing the worst we discovered a power line had dropped over the road and our van was not the reason for the fire engines presence! We were heading to Brissie to stay with our friends Larry and a Karen from the UAE. For those who have known me since I had a mullet hairdo, we then went on to stay with Niall, my old assistant manager at Options Wine Bar and his lovely wife, Sandra and their 3 kids. Niall was trained well in the ways of running bars 😜 and now runs the amazing Celtic Corner Bar in Wyunna. A very sore head the next morning meant a later start to the days driving than usual!


Bay Watch – new career?
The lovely Niall – he was 20 and fresh from Ireland when we met!
The morning after🤕
Brisbane’s beautiful skyline
And gorgeous beaches
Tony wouldn’t let me!
Ibis waiting for snacks!

2 Replies to “Back by popular demand – thanks to our loyal followers😆! 🇦🇺”

  1. So good to see you guys online again and all your beautiful photos. You would have needed a nice big comfy sheep skin seat for that bike ride…maybe that was the reason for Tony putting the STOP sign up…🤔 Brisbane is such a beautiful city to wander around, make the most of the beautiful weather. We are self isolating, mainly because Wally is 84 and very vulnerable health wise. Quite enjoying the rest . Our Airbnb guests have all cancelled, we said goodbye to our last guests this morning. So it’s batten down the hatches for us. When are you two nomads heading home? Maybe you would be safer staying in Oz….?? Lovely to hear from you. Take care. Jill (aka Carmane)

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  2. Beautiful jacaranda tree. Life goes on here only just pubs, restaurants and a lot of shops closing , heard Oz had the bug too. Both well though so far.


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