A bugs (and critters) life! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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The one thing about our trip that I was NOT looking forward to was the large, dangerous and plentiful numbers of bugs, insects and critters in Australia! πŸ•· 🐜 πŸ› However I think both the bugs and I have found a mutual respect and understanding! It was only last night when something landed in my hair that I did the scream, leap and arm swish, discovering a small and quite startled ladybug in the bed! The last 2 days there have literally been swarms of beautiful multicoloured butterflies as we have driven up the east coast towards the Whitsundays. Unfortunately they are rather kamikaze and the front of the van looks like one of those very expensive Damien Hirst pictures! Anyway – here’s a selection of some of Australia’s finest!!


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