Continuing our journey in the face of Covid 19. 🇦🇺

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It must all be OK as we have 23 toilet rolls stashed away under the bed in the campervan! The sensationalist media reports have us changing our plans one minute and stubbornly refusing to change them the next. We’ve been checking the WHO website; smart traveller Australia; the Guardian’s Science of Soap and how to wash our hands and then discussions about our impending trip to Bali to see the kids always end in indecision. Will entry requirements change whilst we’re in Bali meaning we can’t go back into Oz or NZ? Sadly we have already decided to cancel our travels through Japan and into South Korea. First world issues I know – but constant travel means making multiple decisions every day. Reading about the economic impact on so many small businesses around the world is very sobering and worrying for many people who are in danger of losing their livelihoods and jobs. Maybe we should just drive the van into the Outback and come out when it’s all over!

Which way?????

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