Make a cup of tea and sit comfortably – the start of campervan adventure No. 2! 🇦🇺

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We were sad to say goodbye to ‘Ziggy’ the campervan – but more on nomadic living soon! In Christchurch we found an amazing house which opens once a month for a vintage market – everyone chatted, shared stories and afternoon tea was served! No idea why we bought vintage books – just couldn’t resist! Flight to Sydney went well, most seats taken up with toilet rolls😆. Had a lovely catch up with my old Dubai friends Fadia and Mohammed, their daughter Mary and Sophie her gorgeous 2 week old baby. At the start of our 3 week drive from Sydney to Cairns – the lights fused in the campervan – now nicknamed ‘The Crapmervan’ Our drive took us through Newcastle, intending to have a swim in the Bogey Hole, but big stormy waves keep us out of the swimming hole cut out of the rock in 1819. As both of us were obviously world class bodyboarders in our day, 🤣 we stay at a fab campsite in Port Macquarie, famous for bodyboarding. Whilst brushing my teeth, a woman in the shower block comments that I have my dress on backwards, so I tell her I prefer it that way and then another woman turns to me and says “Bolivian Salt Flats!” – it was Alice one of the lovely nurses who we spent a crazy 3 days with in Bolivia! We had a lovely catch up and then got campervan jealousy after seeing her parents top of the range van, hydraulic beds, chandelier and lights that work! Ours fused again🙄. Romantic candles, a lovely walk along the beach with the rocks painted with family stories and a swim in the ocean definitely improved our mood!

The crazy vintage house sale.
Tea vicar??!
Port Macquarie- great swimming beach
Bogey Hole and wild seas
Alice and posh campervan!
Fadia and Mohammed

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  1. Fadia and Mohammed looking good and looks like they made a good decision to move back to Australia. We made the same trip as you are doing, such memories. X


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