Moereki Boulders, Shag Point, Ghost Shark Egg cases and lots of Paua shells! 🇳🇿

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The trusty NZ Frenzy book recommended a visit to Shag Point on the drive from Dunedin to Waianakaruna. It is a tiny village with old fashioned Bach’s (pronounced ‘batch’) or cribs (the traditional seaside family holiday homes) and some very innovative recycling! We walked on the beach for over 2 hours including seeing the Moereki Boulders, a collection of huge spherical concretions, or boulders, some of which contain the fossilised bones of dinosaurs. To our conchologists delight – we collected a huge bag of Paua shells, similar to the abalone we collected in South Africa and found several rare Ghost Shark Eggs. Brilliant day!

Moereki Boulder – up to 2m
Ghost Shark Egg
Bach at Shag Point
Garden shed at Shag Point

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