Dunedin – more Scottish than Scotland! 🇳🇿

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The schoolgirls here wear kilts, Dunedin Doublewood whisky gives the Scots a run for their money and they have sandflies instead of midges! After sleeping in 70 different beds and over a week in a camper van bed, our old bones were complaining so we were looking forward to a couple of nights with UAE friends Graham, Rachael and their children, the gorgeous Heather and Rupert. They recently moved to NZ and have been extolling the virtues of moving here – property prices, pace of life, cost of living, friendly people, beautiful environment – the list goes on! We caught up with boring but essential jobs – shaving legs, washing socks, paying bills, applying for jobs etc. and then headed off to explore the peninsula. First stop Tunnel Beach followed by Sandfly Bay – not named for the Sandflies as there are none, but the way the wind has blown the sand up the hills forming huge dunes. Our legs were really feeling it the next day after climbing up and down the dunes and steep paths.

The start…
The middle…
And the end of the tunnel!
The view when you emerge.
We made it!
Jackanory with Rupert and Heather

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