Huge muscles (sorry mussels!) and being taken to a sewage treatment plant for Valentine’s Day! 🇳🇿

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We found a quirky guidebook called NZ Frenzy, which wipes the floor with the regular guidebooks. We decided to find some of the recommendations including Marfells Beach- which is literally covered in beautiful shells and the biggest mussels you’ve ever seen! We got chatting to a fellow camper, as we saw he had a huge Paua (abalone) shell on his table, which he promptly gave us – said he was just using it as an ashtray! Driving along the coastal road we saw a bob of seals – mum and cute babies. Then in search of the Waverley Shipwreck – a steamer built in 1883, we did a lovely aromatic walk through the Blenheim Sewage Treatment Ponds. We found the old wreck and some strange spiders web type structures on the plants lining the path.

Tony’s idea of a romantic Valentines walk!!! He did redeem himself however by cooking moules marinieres for dinner😋.

A kilo for about £5- delicious. Really funny off the beaten track suggestions. Valentine’s Day treat!

Lots of earthquake advice 😳

Huge mussel

Any ideas?

Early morning mist

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