Dimboola – quirky, friendly town where we lowered the average age by about 20 years! šŸ‡³šŸ‡æ

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After a great stay in Adelaide we started the 400km drive on the National Highway M1 through vast rolling fields of crops to the town of Dimboola. It was named by an early settler who had visited Sri Lanka. Alex our German Airbnb host used to work in a funeral parlour from the age of 14 – 25 and told us great stories about her work and travels. We sat with her and her partner Sam in the garden watching the stars appear in the aftermath of the glorious sunset. Walking down Dimboola high street we counted the zimmer frames and were greeted warmly by every single person we met. The shops were full of hand crocheted dolls clothes and 1980s wedding hats. You can buy a 4 bedroom house there with acres of land for about Ā£80,000!

Next day we continued to Ocean Grove. A complete contrast to Dimboola, full of speed boats, lots of young families on holiday in their camper vans full of surf boards, competitions to jump off the pier and delicious food including fresh green lipped mussels and avocados.

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  1. I keep having memories of my time in Oz and NZ with your blog. So glad you are enjoying it as much as I did. Wonderful countries and people. Keep trekking and enjoying. Much love xx


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