Great Ocean Road (Great? Mediocre some would say!), wine tasting – hic – in Adelaide and finally someone requests to have their photo in our blog!!

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Of course it’s beautiful – the GOR – but when every town along the coast is chocka with tourists and the queue to see the 11 (one ran away!) apostles is hundreds deep – it’s time to move on! We stopped for lunch at a tiny village with huge portraits of local schoolchildren painted on the side of an unused silo, then drove past a farmers field full of vintage trucks. Stunning and evocative.

Now if you want to see somewhere truly beautiful – go the vineyards surrounding Adelaide and the picture perfect beaches and coastline dotted with great sculptures. We arrived in Adelaide on Australia Day, (controversial in itself) and got the bus into the city to watch the parade of over 150 cultural and community groups; a free concert and fireworks to end the night, AND met Steve the Aussie! Next day we booked a fabulous wine tour – Craig our guide had just returned to Adelaide after living in Dubai for 13 years! There were 8 of us in the group including 2 lovely and ridiculously fit blokes from the UK – Tink and Holmes (sounds like a portable toilet!) who had just completed the Down Under cycle race – covering over 100km each day for over a week! We had a great afternoon, drank some amazing wines (the cycle boys were such lightweights!) and ate delicious Chardonnay butter with our cheese. We obviously hadn’t had enough to drink – so we all went for beers and fish and chips – to the beachside resort of Glen Elg. I think we fell asleep on the tram on the way home!

Tony did a barista course in a vintage caravan, called Audrey, delivered by Tina – a real coffee enthusiast. He really enjoyed it and made me a perfect flat white when I went to meet him! New career???


Tink and Holmes

Bay watch!

Steve the Aussie!

Fish measuring device😳

Bait vending machine!

One Reply to “Great Ocean Road (Great? Mediocre some would say!), wine tasting – hic – in Adelaide and finally someone requests to have their photo in our blog!!”

  1. Hi Amanda!! Wow!! Your adventures just get better and better!! I’m so envious. What an amazing time you are having. Well done!!!xx🌍 🌎 🌏


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