Tas-tastic!! Our last ditch attempt to convince you to come! ðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡º

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We got a small ferry out to Maria Island – part of the Australian Convict Heritage. A beautiful island with no vehicles but lots of wildlife and a fascinating history. We went for the day but met people who were camping or staying in the Old Penitentiary bunkhouse! A gorgeous walk along the beach led us to the painted cliffs, with Tony having a swim on the way – we were the only people on the huge expanse of beach. The sun came out and we went to explore the breathtaking cliffs. Next on the agenda was MONA – the irreverent, unexpected, incredible piece of architecture that is the museum of new and modern art, privately owned by David Walker who made all his money gambling. The building and grounds are visually exhilarating and the art is a mix of the weird and the wonderful. A must see! Our final day 😢 and we visit the women’s factory (prison) museum with heart wrenching stories of young girls being sent as convicts from Manchester, London, Dublin… for petty crimes, often in solitary confinement, their babies and children taken away from them. Our final stop was the Botanical Gardens – free to get in and a great collection of native plants and trees, some of which take 1000 years to fully grow. Tasmania – there’s something for everyone.

The painted cliffs!

Alien spaceship clouds over the painted cliffs?

Mirrored entrance to MONA

Random words from the days news are created in water.

Art exhibit, this guy spends 8 hours a day on this plinth!

Ai Weiwei’s beautiful temple sited on glass bowls

One of our favourites! Optical illusion- any ideas? One of the vast walkways.

MONA is surrounded by a vineyard!

View from our gorgeous Airbnb in Taroona!

Words used to describe the female prisoners.

The size of the solitary confinement cells New Zealand ferns

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