Our final week in Latin America, Mexico City – and of course we are now fluent in Spanish! Hola💃🏻! 🇲🇽

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On arrival at our Airbnb, a 500 year old house in the Coyoacán district of Mexico City, we were shown to our “wing” of the house and invited to a family party the following night! Coyoacán- means Place of Coyotes – the only ones we saw were part of the fountain in one of the two gorgeous plazas, 5 minutes walk from our house. The plazas are full of delicious, cheap street food; people selling Christmas decorations; impromptu dancing in yellow zoot suits, tarot card readings; demonstrations for workers rights and lots of public kissing! The people at the party were incredibly warm and welcoming, and loved to dance!! Our hosts Jasmin & Cyril performed their wedding dance from last year, it was like the final of Strictly!! I was then dragged up to dance with a fabulous dancer who was very kind and said I was good for a beginner! Mortifyingly bad!! Next day we visited Trotsky’s house, he lived with Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivero for 2 years before moving to this house. He lost all of his family apart from 1 grandson, who was witness to his attempted murder in this house – evidenced by the bullet holes! So much to see and do in this vibrant city of 21 million!!!

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