Lima – and lovely Peruvian people! ðŸ‡µðŸ‡ª

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Desperate to descend to sea level – we had dreamt about arriving in Lima and our expectations were surpassed. The first few days in San Isidro, the Knightsbridge of Lima, were definitely improved by our gorgeous Airbnb host Cecilia, who looked after us beautifully and we loved her taste in irreverent pictures of UK royalty! We walked to the Olive Tree Park with 400 year old olive trees; visited Huaca Huallamarca- the ancient Inca pyramid in the city, ate delicious Sea Bass Ceviche with fresh lime juice, chilli and coriander at San Isidro market. We walked along the cliffs, through Love Park 😍 and watched the surfers along the beach. In the evening, wandering the lively streets of Lima, we were attracted by a beautiful Art Nouveau building and were invited in to see the local university end of year design show! We ended up on the roof listening to live music and having a fun evening with 3 gregarious Peruvian women who loved to dance and sing!!

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