Chance meetings, incredible food and the start of the Bolivian Salt Flat Tour. πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄

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After several days of crappy food I read a review on a restaurant in Uyuni – The Hot Spot of the New Religion – with a name like that we had to try it out! We were met by the host, Israel, a gorgeous local guy with perfect English who led us to our table. Already seated were 2 suspicious characters awaiting their food. We got into conversation with this couple of dodgy Brits from London, Bridget and Stephen, (B&S) and immediately hit it off, enjoying and discussing the incredible 4 course tasting menu amongst other things! We discovered that we were on the same 3 day tour to the Salt Flats the following morning and as rather more mature members, managed to get a 4×4 car with just us and our driver Ruben. First stop – the train cemetery, the mining industry in Bolivia went into decline in the 40s/50s and these trains were abandoned, however in the low oxygen atmosphere – they have barely rusted, leaving a dramatic graveyard. Next stop the Salt Flat which can be seen from Space and is the same size as Holland! We had done some youtube research into the cheesy photos and videos that can be taken and got into the spirit with B&S, taking hilariously bad shots until David, the gorgeous tour guide, showed us what to do – ending in a comic video of the whole group being chased by a dinosaur into a Pringles tube! If this wasn’t enough excitement, we were then taken to Isla Incahuasi, an island in the salt flats covered in huge cacti, some over 10m which grow at the rate of only 1cm a year. The photos do not give any sense of how dramatic the island is. The tour ended with David and the drivers setting up a table, tablecloth, delicious Bolivian red wine and crisps on the salt flats for us to watch the beautiful sunset. We finally drove to our accommodation, a hotel built from salt blocks including the beds, and so with our sun burned faces and weary legs we ate a delicious dinner, drank more wine and hit the salt (sack)!




Trying to take photos – and keep trousers clean!


The group reflected in David’s sunglasses






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