Pichilemu – arty, surfy, quirky, sunny, wavy, friendly. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

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Pichilemu – curvaceous black sandy bays offer the best surfing in South America, and they weren’t even discovered by surfers until 1983! We “surfed” the internet to find the local art gallery and visited an incredible exhibition of large portraits, celebrating the lives of people from other countries who contribute to life in Chile by Leonardo Soto Calquin – including one of Tony! The salt beds of Cahuil were disappointing as was the ‘Salt Seller’ πŸ˜† – such an old grump but we did buy red wine natural salt – just to keep him happy!

After watching gauchos exercise their horses on the beach, we went to watch the sunset as waves crashed over the rocks. Roll credits!



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