Another car calamity🙄 🇨🇱

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We dragged ourselves away from the tiny house in Pucon to drive the 400km to Concepción, the capital of Chilean Rock (note previous photos of potential live bands 😳)!! Tony decided he wanted to leave the highway behind and travel on the B roads along the coast. As we drove deeper into the countryside, our only fellow travellers were lumberjacks and lorries full of timber. Houses got fewer and fewer and we encountered giant turkeys, untethered pigs, horses, huge dogs and truly beautiful cows on the road, finally nearly running into an old guy with a stick and two cows yoked (is that a word?) together, circa 1902. The road (as suggested by the annoying woman from Garmin and Google maps) turned to pebbles then rocks then red mud and we finally skidded down a super steep mud/rock combo to find that the road disappeared into a fast flowing river! No way up, no way down! We calmly discussed the pros and cons of each direction – well shouted, cried and did little panicky dances, before remembering that the automatic car had a manual gear and rather then die in the woods – we should give it a go! “Give it some welly!” seemed the appropriate thing to shout as Tony careered up the mud slide, arriving victorious at the top!

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