Reflections on life and living on the road…. accommodation. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

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Deciding on how long to stay in each place was a conundrum, but we discovered that 2 nights in most places has been a good amount of time allowing us to see and do more. Our budget for accommodation is around Β£25-30 a night so our familiarity with Airbnb was an obvious choice. Many hosts have been like long lost friends – bringing beers or a bottle of wine to welcome us; hanging up our washing – and admittedly dealing with someone else’s smalls, even when clean, is beyond the call of duty πŸ˜†! We have slept in gorgeous beds with beautiful bedding, been left bowls of fruit, jars of homemade rusks (South African biscuits), freshly ground coffee, invaluable information packs and we now really appreciate the luxury of fast WiFi!! We have been included in family evenings around the dining table – discussing past and future travels and have stayed in places with incredible views from snow capped volcanoes to wild seas dotted with dolphins. We have been invited to local music events and have experienced the true kindness of strangers and the hospitality of friends. There have been some places however where the pillow smelled of dog, the shower blasted icy water and the mugs were all chipped – but these have been few and far between. We are now experts at packing our amazing Osprey backpacks, in record time, in order to get that early morning bus or just see another incredible sunrise.

We’ve been on the road for nearly 12 weeks and have stayed in over 35 AirBnB, and lovely friends’ given up sofas and beds and an entire house! Every good nights sleep and endless hospitality has been thoroughly appreciated. Thank you!

3 Replies to “Reflections on life and living on the road…. accommodation. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±”

  1. Great to make new friends across the world and experience different cultures.
    So glad you are enjoying it all,despite some doggy smelling pillows and an icy shower. xx


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