Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – and other great hits … πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

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A must visit attraction is the Evita Museum – housing her gorgeous clothes and tracing her early life as a driving force in social welfare and voice of the poor. What it fails to mention is the cause of her early death – cervical cancer – and subsequent desecration of her embalmed body. Such a dramatic life and equally dramatic death. We managed to gate crash a vintage car rally – taking sad photos like true petrol heads. The finale to our time in BA was a live music evening with the Rock and Roll Yazmin who took us, and a lively Colombian/Argentinian couple, to 4 clubs to watch an acoustic set; Europop 😣; rock; blues – with great harmonica players and finally a salsa band – not getting home til 3am! How much rythym do these Latinos have!!!

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