Art, politics, buses and demonstrations! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

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We have been making use of the local and very cheap buses although they have increased our heart rates due to the wacky race mentality of the drivers! Our bus dropped us at MALBA art gallery to meet Daniela our enthusiastic and lovely guide, art graduate and artist. The Leandro Erlich exhibition was mesmerising and bonkers in equal measure, see photos of us underwater! So interesting to discuss with her the lives of young people in Argentina, work is hard to find, inflation crazy – the pesos value cut by 20% in a matter of days – but as with most places we have visited, there is optimism, friendly warm people and a positive attitude – although the Argentinians do love a good demonstration! We found ourselves in the middle of a group of banner waving protesters – supporting teachers – so we joined in, getting random kisses in return! Also visited the 2nd largest book shop in the world- inside a beautiful old theatre. There is no access to Amazon or books online so it’s great to see the popularity of bookshops here.

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