A thrilling day in Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

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A welcome change of AirBnB to a different part of Palermo, BA rewarded us with a lovely balconied apartment and a sunset view. A new base and the challenge to reach the famous Recoleta Cemetery by foot saw us discovering wonderful views, impressive grocery shops, the Ecopark. The latter is part of a project to convert the old BA zoo into an eco education centre with free range Massa and peacocks. Next we found a delicious fish restaurant offering grilled hake and ballour. Lunch done a few more blocks gave way to a Wednesday organic market next to the University of Engineering. A chance to sample local fare and a taste of the national drink Mate. At last we reached the spectacle of the Recoleta Cemetery packed with mausoleums from a marble box set in a wall to grand buildings glorifying the long dead and their search for resurrection. An eerie silence enveloped the broken doors and discoloured forgotten coffins juxtaposition with modern glass fronted office blocks. Not a place to explore at night!

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