Fez – a city to get completely and utterly lost in. ðŸ‡²ðŸ‡¦

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The warnings of scams, annoying guides, chaotic streets and persistent vendors were all valid but completely diminished by the warmth of the people, the beautiful architecture and mosaics and Mr Abdullah’s amazing mint, verbena and rosemary tea which revived us after a walking tour of the medina! Never quite knowing what to expect round the next corner we encountered an old vinyl record store, live chickens waiting for the chop; the overpowering smell of ammonia that led us to the old tannery where the workers spend 12 hours a day in pigeon poo to soften the hides; stunning rooftop vistas and indecipherable street food served on a piece of cardboard and tasting of savoury custard for 1 dirham. What is there not to love about Fez!!!!

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