Seal(s) of approval! Terrible pun but the best day yet!!! πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦

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When we started planning our trip over 12 months ago, we discovered a “kayaking with seals trip” in Walvis Bay – and so Namibia was booked! On the drive to Pelican Bay we saw flamingoes, huge pelicans sitting strategically in a semi-circle to catch fish, and chilled out jackals literally by the side of the road. There are 50,000 Cape fur seals, in Walvis Bay – and after a 40 minute fascinating drive through the misty “East Weather” morning, we arrived to the cacophony of the seals, most with their 8-10 month old pups. The pregnant seals can delay the development of the embryo if they are stressed or there’s not enough food. Once the male seals have mated, they go off to feed for months – sometimes getting so fat they aren’t buoyant any more and drown – thus the carcasses we saw on the beach, rich pickings for the jackals! We even had a David Attenborough moment when we spotted a jackal amongst the seals, trying, unsuccessfully to drag a pup away from its mother. Video on FB. A small group of us kayaked for 90 minutes in amongst the naughty teenage seals – they loved racing us, biting our paddles and leaping over the front of the kayaks. It was exhilarating, exciting and a complete privilege to be so close to such beautiful creatures. Coffee and home made muffins on the beach warmed us up and brought us back down to earth. How are we going to top that!!

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