Francine – the sassy photobombing ostrich!! πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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We booked to walk with elephants at the amazing Indalu Reserve near Mossel Bay – Gherrard picked us up and drove us right next to their rhino – a huge beast with a seemingly friendly disposition! As we were the only people booked on the walk, we then each walked with our own elephant and handler – lovely guys who gave us lots of info about the elephants – they eat 200kg of food a day (all vegetarians do!!πŸ˜†) and poop about 100kg a day – no comment!! We then fed them carrots, orange and apples which we popped into the end of their trunks. However the best bit of the walk was Francine – the Ostrich who thinks she’s an elephant and loves to photobomb! She walked all the way with us and then drank at the watering hole with the other elephants. A brilliant morning with such gorgeous, gentle creatures.

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