Taormasina – Overtaking on hairpin bends!🇲🇬

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We survived the 4 hour drive from Andasibe to Taomasina – with lorries hurtling towards us on hairpin bends- but I’m sure the extra loud gospel music our taxi driver was playing, saved us! Toamasina has the largest port on the island and we walked along the litter strewn beach, constantly greeted by “Salama” from the friendly locals. We were treated to a private concert at the hotel from an amazing local singer and guitarist – Angie Ambavilanitra – Check her out on YouTube! The hotel owner joined in – another fab singer from the Cameroon! Power cuts and the local rabbits just added to the atmosphere. We then took a trip to the Pangalanes – a 645km long series of natural waterways and man made lakes. The area is inhabited only by local villagers and each village has its own trade – canoe building, fishing, charcoal, dried fish and they trade with each other. Marriages are usually kept between the members of each small village.

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